Saturday, 24 March 2012

Two Loves are Better than One

For some, a committed, exclusive relationship is exactly what they’re looking for. The feelings of having one person to come home too, to care for, to love, brings comfort in providing exactly what they need. However, for others getting to know multiple people in more ways than one, is better than any love they could ever find. No one to answer to, no rules to follow, just relaxation in knowing that every decision is theirs to make.Like everything though, there is the pros and cons.

Being with one person is often more liberating than being alone. Finding someone who you can be your complete self with, in any scenario is a special and rare thing that should be cherished. On the other hand, one can feel very suffocated and isolated when in an exclusive relationship. Having someone breathing down your neck every second, watching and dictating every move you make; it can be overwhelming to say the least.

Dating multiple people can be a freeing and exciting experience for anyone. Having no responsibilities, knowing that no matter where you wake up the next morning no one’s heart is going to be broken; it’s fun to live spontaneously with no regrets. However, never having a consistent bed-buddy to come home to or tell you they love you can be very lonely.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Sexual Health Review

Sexual Intercourse can become very painful for a lot of women, this resulting in sex that is not enjoyable. Experiencing discomfort during sex will naturally make it difficult to orgasms, A lot of women have also reported a drop in their libido.

Wanting to be close to your partner and to be intimate is only natural; the pain of sex can however put you off. If this carries on for some time your partner may begin to feel that it is because of them that you are not becoming sexually aroused, putting a strain on your relationship.